Shiny Geese

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For Christmas this year Rob got a box of fabric squares with a picture on top. Slowly I’ve been sewing all those squares together and cutting them up and sewing them together again and cut them up again. Now I’ve got a fabulous collection of shiny flying geese to sew into a quilt for him. When Rob’s at his desk or watching TV he’s nearly always wrapped in a quilt and the two we’ve got in use right now are getting bit worn. I’ve had these shiny dot fabrics in my stash for ages and it was exciting the finally get them out and cut them up. They told me they wanted to be space ships so this quilt is going to be a whole fleet of ships. It’s was fun to design and I’m excited about putting it together now that the geese are finished. I noticed sometime after I’d finished cutting things out and started sewing that I forgot to add the seam allowance when I was doing my math. This means the quilt will come out a bit smaller than I’d originally planned. Depending on how much smaller than turns out to be I might do some sort of borders or something to bring it back up to size. We'll see.