Easter 2015

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Is it too late to post about Easter? I’m about a month behind in my blog posts but that seems to be the way I go. You’ll be seeing snowy pictures for a couple of weeks yet even though there is almost none left on the ground now and I’m considering putting some seeds in the garden this weekend.

We had a nice, simple Easter celebration with family this year. I’ve noticed having a toddler makes me worry a lot less about things being perfect and helps me focus on what is most important. This year that turned out to be egg dyeing and a bunny hat.

I’d planned to dye the eggs with Maisie on Saturday and have an egg hunt Sunday morning but things didn’t work out and I only boiled the eggs Saturday night. We skipped the egg hunt, had brunch with aunts and uncles and cousins and dyed eggs after nap time. I think Maisie’s favourite part was rubbing the eggs dry when they came out of the dye. The “magic” crayon was also a lot of fun. Rob did some fancy dyeing with stripes and carefully immersing eggs only part way into different colours. I think our results looked pretty cool. They made nice egg salad sandwiches for lunch on Monday too.

We went to Rob’s parents’ house for Easter dinner and Maisie wore this year’s bunny hat. I spent a long time debating whether or not I should make a bunny hat. The end result was that I made it on Saturday and Sunday and kind of made it up as I went along. I used the same pattern as Maisie’s “hat for adventures” from last summer. I added a band around the front and a longer infer the ties around the neck. The outer fabric is some leftover cotton sweatshirt fleece and the lining is a sweet jersey with little green leaves and yellow flowers. Maisie tried it on several times as I made it and we had a few little battles about me getting it back to finish it off before she could wear it. She’s a fun  model for the camera. I can’t decide if I like the pictures with her arms in the air or the ones with the sunglasses the best.

P. S. Previous Easter bonnets here (she still sometimes wears that skirt!) and ... er ... I don't seem to have posted last year's bunny hat ... just let me see what happened to that ...

P. P. S. Those are planets: Earth, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. She’s giving them hats.