Mud Pies and Sewing

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A random assortment of slightly out of date photos that have been hanging out in my "blog this" folder. Some of them have been there for over a month. I think that was my first proper harvest of radishes way back in June. Maisie was very excited about them and "washed" one very thoroughly in a spare water dish on the deck. That little sweater is almost finished. It's sitting my desk in front of me right now just waiting for the sleeves and a bit of sewing up. I hope Maisie likes it. It has little pockets for putting things in.

Maisie has started drinking cows' milk at home … but only if she also gets a fancy straw. The garden is growing. We've eaten those peas and are now waiting for the second crop. The cucumbers have made flowers and I spotted a couple of teeny fruits the other day. We'll see if they reach an edible size before the frost comes. I really need to try some of the hot peppers. The little white flowers were so pretty and now the plant is covered in smallish green peppers growing up instead of down. The plant was from a friend so I have no idea how hot the peppers might be.

Lots of squirrels coming and going. This one obviously has a family. Maisie is starting to get very firm ideas about how certain things should be. For example, if we are sitting at the table and have a box of Timbits we both have to be eating one; I'm not supposed to be just sitting there chatting and drinking my coffee. Fortunately she doesn't require us to eat very quickly. She also knows where her bibs are kept, where the laundry goes, where to put the grocery bags and how to put on her hat. Two days ago she started climbing into her highchair by herself and trying to do up the straps. I discovered a new cabbage dish I absolutely love in a cook book I've had around for ages. Here it is. It's especially nice if you add some chopped bacon.

Maisie has discovered the joy of doors. Specifically, shutting them. If we had the right kind of handles I'm sure she'd be opening them as well. I made her a pair of flannel pajama pants to wear while the weather was really hot. I used Rae's basic newborn pant pattern, added 3.5" to the cuff, 1" to the waistband and used only a quarter inch seam. They fit perfectly and even have a silky green bow on the front "just like Mummy's." I made her a cute little top too but don't know where the pictures are right now. I'll have to do some hunting around so I can share them.