Growing Like a Weed

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The other day I looked at Maisie and she seemed longer to me. Suddenly sleeves and pant legs are shorter. I'll need to do a bit of sewing just to keep her covered. She has a fabulous pincer grip now. When I gave her porridge with blueberries the other day she carefully went through and picked out all the blueberries to eat first. So, so cute. She did the same thing with pancakes. She is also drinking out of her sippy cup by herself a lot of the time now. Mostly with it the right way up.

I've done a bit of baking lately - those are peanut butter cookies - but haven't started anything Christmasy yet. I think this afternoon will be the beginning of that. I found my Fruit Cake Cookie recipe the other day and have it first on my list of things to make. I'm also hopeful that we'll start putting up some Christmas decorations and maybe even a tree today or at least this week. I always love the decorating. I've usually forgotten half the ornaments I have and get to rediscover them each year.

We're deep into the winter now. It's dark so much of the time we don't even notice and temperatures plunged to -40 last week. Abby makes super quick trips outside and curls up into the snuggest little cinnamon bun on the couch when she comes back in. Thanks to my mum Maisie and I can still go outside reasonably comfortably. Mum got out her amouti for us to wear and is helping me teach Maisie what she has to do to get in and out of it. She's so snug in that pouch, even at -40, that I don't even need to put extra layers on her. I can feel her leaning against my back as she naps. So sweet.

Oh yeah. The cloth chewing. It seems to feel great when she's getting a tooth. Number 4 made it's appearance last weekend.