Catching Up

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Things are ticking along here. Maisie is commando crawling all over the house. She's found the low windows and the water dish and chases excitedly after all of Abby's toys. I try to show that these are Abby's and direct her towards to her own things but it seldom works. I ended up washing out the spare kong just so I'd have something to give to Maisie when I had to take away Abby's kong. The kong is how we feed Abby and it usually has traces of dog food and peanut butter on it. I'd like to limit how much dog food Maisie eats.

All this time happily going after toys on the floor has granted me a few minutes to do things with both hands (like typing) and we made muffins and I finished Maisie's winter sweater. I love these toggles. I got them in Victoria when we were there a few years ago and they are just right for this sweater.

Rob took Maisie and I hid in my sewing room for a bit of total me time on the weekend. I made myself a cup of tea (Rob added the cookies to my tray - isn't he sweet) and started Maisie's Christmas stocking. My sense of time is so off right now I really had no idea how close to Christmas it already is. Hopefully I will finish the stocking on time but Maisie won't know the difference if I don't. I've also started a little striped jumper for Maisie's Christmas dress. Every little girl deserves a special dress for Christmas. I know that really it should be red velvet but I think candy cane stripes will be pretty darn cute and a little more wearable after the holiday.

Maisie and Abby have spent a lot of time watching for squirrels in the back yard. The couch in the family room is just right for Maisie to stand on to look out the window without extra support from me. We finally had a squirrel show up and fill his belly with seeds and nuts. I had two very happy girls glued to the window the whole time.