Off My Camera

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Sometimes it's fun to see what I get when I download the pictures off my camera. Some weeks I'll download every evening; others I wait a few days. When I emptied my camera last night there were pictures going all the way back to the 21st.

There were some photographs of a group of ptarmigan I saw on my way to meet Rob after work. They are very stupid birds - known for walking away from moving vehicles instead of bothering to fly - and let me get so close that if I'd had a net with me we could have had fresh poultry for dinner. One of the strange things with ptarmigan is that you'll only see one at first and then you'll look around and realize all the things you thought were lumps of snow are actually birds. I saw at least twelve others after photographing this guy.

A sneak peak at January's dress. I sat in the sun in the living room to hand sew the finishing touches. Abby kept me company and spent at least half the time I was sewing doing her best to take over my lap. It keeps things interesting to sew or knit with a moving dog on your lap. I think I'm getting better at it.

The wind was doing crazy things when I walked to the gym this weekend. Fortunately it was on my back and the air temperature was relatively warm (-9 instead of -25). Someone is going to realize that if the wind was on my back on the way to the gym it must have been in my face on the way back. It was, but that just made my shower and cup of hot coffee that much nicer.

The sun is completely above the horizon when I leave work now. I love the feeling of the sun on my face, even if it doesn't have much heat to it yet. We're into March now and by the end of the month things will be warming up substantially. I'm looking forward to the melting. You never realize what a wonderful smell water has until you haven't smelt it in six months.

I'm making a Clapotis for my sister. It doesn't look like much yet. I've just past the first dropped stitch and have one tiny corner that hints at what it will look like when it's finished; the rest is a triangle of stocking stitch. The yarn is awesome though. It's Blue Moon's Luscious Silk and really is luscious. Buttery soft and beautiful. I wish the colours were a little stronger - a little less Easter egg - to suit my  sister better but she tells me the yarn is pretty so I'm not too worried. She works in an incredibly cold office so I know the shawl will get plenty of use.