A Wet Morning in the Garden

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A wet morning in the garden.

I love the way everything smells and the air feels fresh and crisp.

So many blossoms out now. I had just one ranuncula come up and make two bright orange flowers. I’ll have to try them again next year. The flowers are so pretty. A few violas are popping up where they don’t belong but they’re too sweet to pull. Another sunflower is coming up too. I didn’t plant this one. It must be from the squirrels. I don’t think we’re going to get any Brussels sprouts but the plants still look really interesting. I really like mixing flowers in with the vegetables and I think that makes the “failed” veggies more interesting. My acorn squash isn’t doing very well either but mostly because it will only put out male or female flowers and never both a once. The flowers are big and interesting anyway. Maisie has been excitedly watching her dahlia put out a bud. She had two bulbs and they went in a bit late and I had the pots in a not-quite-sunny-enough spot at first so they’ve been a bit behind. It’s been fun to watch the bud slowly emerge and start to open some petals. Dahlias are also on my list to try again next year.

Despite the setbacks there have been some edibles. We’ve had some strawberries (so have the squirrels) and plenty of peas and a few little zucchini. The carrots are getting to a pretty good size and we had a cauliflower for dinner the other night. I haven’t really looked at the beets in a while. They ended up being in the shade of the cauliflowers and a sunflower  and the greens have stayed pretty small. I suspect the bulbs are small too but the garden is full of surprises so you never know. I missed doing beans this year and will have to make sure I include them again next year. We've also got a lot of ripe tomatoes that I need to decide what to do with. They are probably destined to be sauce on pasta sometime soon.