Goodbye Winter, Hello Spring

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The transition seasons are always my favourite. Watching things change. The light. The snow. The way we feel. Maisie, of course, is in a constant state of change. Particularly around bed time routines and what time she’s ready to fall asleep. We had to put a blanket over her window curtains to block out more of the sunlight that is staying up later and later. She seems suddenly taller and older. I should mark her height on the wall again and see how much she’s grown since her birthday. We had so much snow this spring that our bottom porch step only finished melting out last week. Maisie and I had shovelled off the porch earlier in April and it has already hosted a few “picnics” on afternoons that felt warm enough. Maisie has been out on her bike a few times and I’ve started wearing the lightweight hat I knitted last fall and never blogged about. The pattern is the Violet Cap from the first issue of Making and the yarn is Quince and Co.’s tern. It’s soft and slouchy and will be too warm to wear very soon. More details are on my Ravelry page. I also finished and photographed a new shirt. It’s the Linden pattern again but this time used a soft jersey for a lighter weight option. Maisie wanted to help me take my pictures so I put her in charge of the camera remote. It made for a fun photo shoot. This shirt is probably the comfiest thing in my drawer right now and I get compliments whenever I wear it.

We had a chance to go out to the cabin for an afternoon with Maisie’s cousins on Easter Monday. On our drive out we saw a white hare hopping away from the road and Maisie informed us from the back of the car that this was the Easter bunny and she was hopping home. While out at the cabin we got to do some sledding, roast hot dogs and marshmallows and hang out inside by the wood stove. Abby had a wonderful time running all over and rolling in the snow. We had to be a bit carefully following her though. After a few thaws and freezes the snow had a pretty tick crust on it. Abby could run around on top but we if stepped off the trail the snow could be knee deep.

I tried my hand at weaving for the first time. Maisie had a friend coming over one afternoon during spring break and I thought it would be a good activity should they get bored or dress ups and dancing. I made some simple little cardboard looms and pre-warped them so they were ready to go. We grabbed a bunch of random balls of leftovers from the stash for weaving with. I found it a lot of fun. Maisie seems to like helping me choose what to put where but wasn’t overly interested in doing her own piece. When I finished mine I asked her what she thought and she said “not good.” I suggested I hang it up in the sewing room and was informed that she “didn’t want to have to see if every time she went in there, maybe I could take it to my work?” She’s since decided that it’s okay and hasn’t cared that it is still hanging where I’d taped out to the wall to take my picture.

Melting snow means the garden has been slowly emerging and my thoughts have been turning to seeds and plants and what we want to grow and eat this summer. I decided to try and use up as many of my old seeds as possible this year so we’ve got got quite a variety of little plants going. I think there are three kinds of tomatoes and two kinds of squash. I’m planning to try corn again but need to order the seeds for that and I’d love to try quinoa but I’m not sure I’ll have a suitable space for it prepared in time so that might be put off to next year. We’ve been watching birds returning to the back yard and the lake near our house. Dark-eyed junks starting coming to the feeder to compete with the redpolls last weekend. Ollie has been glued to the window watching “bird TV”. Yesterday we spotted our first ducks flying overhead.