An Almost Springtime Walk

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A couple of weeks ago we got a lovely spell of warm weather. Often when these spells are short they are accompanied by a strong wind but this one hung around for a few days and that meant not so much wind. Maisie, Abby and I headed out for a walk on the trail. Maisie started out in a wrap on my back but on such a lovely day she was keen to get down and walk. She held Abby’s leash, rearranged some large clumps of snow, gave me a big hug, and made several seats in the pile of snow on the side of the trail. I was a little too interested in trying to capture images of frosty things and my phone battery gave up just as we turned off the trail and onto the lake to give Abby some off leash run time. The snow is very deep in some places and it makes me laugh to see Abby trying to bound her way through snow that comes up to her chest. Sometimes it looks more like she’s swimming. I tried to show Maisie how to make a snow angel and ended up with Abby on top of me smelling my face with a muscle covered in snow. Maisie already knew how to make a snow angel anyway. She showed me as soon as I managed to get up, and she didn’t get jumped on by a snowy dog either. We checked out the beaver’s lodge and his pantry. Both are just mounds of snow right now but the pantry is harder to find now that the snow is so deep. You need to know where to look.

The first taste of spring after the winter is always so delicious. I can’t wait for it to really arrive. We’re half way through March now and I know that by the end of this month we’re going to have some serious melting going on. Not to long after that we’ll be thinking about getting the garden ready.