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September has passed through in a series of chilly pleasant days. We got a very cold snap right at the beginning of the month. I woke up to see frost all over the garden. I picked all my remaining tomatoes that night. They've been sitting in their boxes on the kitchen table since and ripening nicely. I got a hat started for Maisie when the cool weather hit. It's just a lightweight one in some leftover DK weight yarn. It should match the hood I made her last spring for layering on really cold days. I started some mittens too. I just traced around her hand to use for a pattern but periodically I got her to try the first one on to make sure I was on the right track. She seemed to find it a funny game.

The weekend of the really cool snap Mum and I took Abby for an SPCA fundraising walk. The park was really cold and windy. Tufts of cotton candy were drifting all over the place like tiny pink clouds. Rob and Maisie drove downtown to pick us up. We'd thought Maisie would enjoy running around on the grass, even if it was too cold to play for long, but she had a nap in the car instead. We'd had a tiny bit of snow that morning. Maisie, Abby and Ollie enjoyed watching it fall outside the window. There's more snow in the forecast for early next week so I spent some time yesterday afternoon getting Maisie's slide and our other yard furniture and equipment put away for the season. Maisie was a bit upset to see her slide disappear. I hope she'll be excited to see it come back in the spring.

It's been a little warmer the last two weeks or so and we've had some really nice walks. The trees are all red and gold. I set up some pegs at Maisie's level next to the front door so she can get her own coat and boots for going outside. She likes to be able to do things herself. I also spent a bit of time sewing something sweet for our new niece. I hope this nighty will keep her cozy this winter. While I was in the sewing room I got out the stocking I started for Maisie last fall. It looks like I'm about a third of the way through it. There is a big mirror in my sewing room right now - being stored until we can put it back where it goes - and it just begged for a bit of self portraiture. I've been trying to use my timer a little more often and get myself into some of the pictures I take. I'm trying to keep a photo album of our life and I want to make sure Maisie is able to look back and actually see me, not just know I was there because someone has to be behind the camera.

That last shot of the delicious new yarn. That's Tanis Fiber Arts Green Label Aran weight and it's going to become a couple of extra warm winter hats for me and Maisie. The colours are Chris Grey, Sunset, Gold and Sprout. I think they will look really good with the amouti.