Sock Clutch

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Has it really been a whole week since I posted! At least I can show I did something in that time. A few days ago I decided I really needed another bag to hold some of my knitting so I whipped up this little one. The pattern is basically the "Artsy Clutch" from Bend the Rules Sewing but I made this one a bit bigger. It finished up at 10" wide by 11½" tall and holds a sock in progress very nicely. I think it will work well for any one-skein project that needs to be kept under control.

Choosing the button can be a really hard decision for me on these little bags but this one was decided almost as soon as that dark brown toggle landed on the fabric. I wanted the stitching holding it on to be a features so I used embroidery floss and tied the knot on the front instead of the back.