10 Dresses: October

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October's dress is finished! Finally!

I had to make a major decision about changing the neckline on this dress and it just stalled me out completely. I hate that sort of thing. Where you think something might be better with an (irreversible) change but you're not totally sure and you can't quite picture it. In the end I went with the change and I'm glad I did. Lowering the neckline just a bit meant that I could pull the dress over my head and didn't need to put a zipper in the back. I didn't like the idea of a zipper in the double gauze.

The dress is a basic a-line without darts or other shaping. The pattern has pockets but I left those off. I'm sure I could live in this dress all summer - it's so comfortable and airy. I love the dark eggplant purple and the dots. I didn't know until after the fabric arrived that there were two colours of dots and at first I wasn't sure if I wanted the division horizontally or vertically (Karyn has a super cute dress with the dots vertically). I ended up standing in front of the mirror with the whole piece of fabric and turning it around and around in front of myself. The horizontal dots won out and I like the affect.