Last Harvest

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Maisie and I went out into the yard yesterday to take in the last of the garden. We still had beets, turnips and carrots in the ground. A lot of the turnips had too many worm holes in them to be worth taking inside but I got lots of beets. The beet greens were still good looking too even though we've had a few frosts and some snow. The carrot crop was really small but they went in really late and were dug up by a squirrel a few times so I was kind of expecting that. I wasn't expecting the top three inches of the carrot barrel to already be mostly frozen though. It took a little more work than usual to get them out. The broccolini flowers still look good. They were drooping when we went outside but I shook the water off some of them and they sprang back up. It's the first time I've tried broccolini in the garden and we've decided it will be a yearly must. It was easy to grow and we got three separate harvest from the plants despite two of them bolting. I think if I had a cold frame we could be having fresh veggies into late October or early November. A project for another year. Maisie climbed up the steps while I was washing the soil off our harvest. She looked at me through the banisters on the deck.

"Should I take your picture?"


I'm constantly taking photos of her anyway but it's always nice to get an okay. It increases the likelihood she'll be reasonably still for the shot. I'm not sure what we'll do with our veggies yet. All the beets make me think of borscht. I have a nice recipe for hodge podge that I'm pretty sure would make a really good borscht if I used beets and a bunch of dill in it. Dinner tonight perhaps.

p.s. Her new boots have penguins on them so we taught Maisie how to walk like a penguin. It's terribly funny. She's so good at it.