Scrappy Square

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I started crocheting a blanket last night.

Actually, since I'm still learning to crochet, I started it a few times.

Once I got going it was really fun. Crochet has a nice rhythm to it. I've had this blanket in my head for a while now. I wanted to use up all my scraps of worsted weight yarn somehow so I thought I would start crocheting them together. I was going to make it a solid square but kept messing up the corners - a failure to count my stitches properly I think - so I decided to follow the instructions I had for doing a granny square and just kept going. The whole blanket will be one big square. I started with the really tiny balls of leftovers to get plenty of colour changes in the middle. It's so much fun to work on. I'm only typing this out now because my wrist is too sore to keep going. Instead of seeming like a big project it is a bunch of tiny project - one ball of yarn each. I keep saying to myself "I'll just finish this ball" and then I get to the end and can't stop myself picking out the next one. I'm finding weird colour combinations and remembering old projects. Just like with random patchwork, I can't wait to see how this will turn out. I don't think I have enough scraps to finish it very soon though. It will be a work in progress for a while.

... but I'll probably start using it for a lap blanket as soon as it's big enough.